Ways to Donate

Anybody Can Help

Every contribution goes a long way towards helping a veteran or service member in need.

Other Ways to Give

Additional Resources

Donate by Mail

Send this donation form to the following address:

Sound Off
4040 Broadway, Suite 501
San Antonio, TX 78209

Amazon Smile

Shop on https://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-4875047 and they’ll donate a percentage of the price to our cause.

Stock Transfer

Use https://stockdonator.com/how-to-donate/ to make a contribution.


Use PayPal to make a contribution.



Securely transfer money through your Zelle account by sending payments to give@sound-off.com

Donate a Car

That’s right. You can donate a car and help Sound Off provide support to veterans. https://careasy.org/nonprofit/sound-off


Give “InLieu” of flowers and donate to Sound Off in a friend’s name.

ACH Payments

Donate through either Stripe or Plaid today.

Gift in Kind

Sound Off thrives thanks to the generosity of individual donors. We love to share our mission and regularly host fundraisers out of our supporters’ homes. Generally, our home events consist of a 30-person cocktail hour with a presentation from our founder and CEO. Planning the events is simple and rewarding, and sharing our work is crucial to continuing our mission.  If you’re interested in opening your home to help host a fundraiser, email Emily Prust at emilyp@sound-off.com to learn more.

Wire Transfer

To transfer funds directly to Sound Off, please use the information listed below. Please follow up with an email to give@sound-off.com including donor name, contact information, date, and amount of donation so we can properly acknowledge your gift.

For Domestic Wires

Bank Name:  Bank of America
Routing #:  026009593
Account #: 488085423839
Account Name: Sound Off, Inc.


For Paper and Electronic

Bank Name: Bank of America
Routing #: 111000025
Account #: 488085423839
Account Name: Sound Off, Inc.

IRA Contribution

If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a contribution of up to $100,000 annually from your IRA account to support our nation’s Veterans and Service Members and potentially receive a tax benefit.

A donation transferred directly from your IRA administrator to Sound Off is generally not considered taxable income to you, but it does count toward your required minimum distribution. As always, please consult your financial advisor to determine if this type of gift is right for you.

Just follow these instructions:

  • Complete the IRA Sample Letter and provide
    it to your IRA administrator.
  • We suggest specifically requesting that your
    name and mailing address be noted directly
    on the distribution paperwork to be sure
    that Sound Off is able to easily and quickly
    attribute the donation to you.

Donor Advised Funds

Support Veteran and Service Member mental health through a donor advised fund:

A donor advised fund (DAF) gives you the opportunity to support our warriors while also receiving tax benefits on your donation. Think of it as a charitable savings account—you put money in the DAF, any potential growth is tax-free, and then you can recommend where your assets go in the form of grants.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Establish your DAF by making a tax-deductible donation to a charity of your choice, such as Charles Schwab Charitable, Wells Fargo Advisors or Vanguard Charitable. Note that the charity must sponsor a DAF program
  2. Choose how your money gets invested
  3. Recommend grants to Sound Off to the charity of your choice.

If you have any questions, please email us at give@sound-off.com or call 414-625-0108. Every contribution helps Veterans and Service Members receive critical support.

Help Us Fundraise


The best way to help Sound Off is by getting the word out. We’re a young organization, so our biggest barrier is a lack of name recognition. You can help us by sharing our mission with your friends and family. Below, you’ll find a few ways to help us.


Email your friends and family to share Sound Off’s mission and suggest they donate. Sharing the importance of supporting Veteran and Service mental health is critical to continuing our mission. Here’s an example of an email to a friend. Feel free to use our sample email as a template!

Social Media

Connect with us online and share our cause with your friends, families and followers.

Host an Event

The absolute best way to help Sound Off fundraise is by hosting a fundraiser from your home. We help with everything, so it’s not as hard as it sounds! Together, we choose a date, build the guest list, and design what the event should look like. We’re very flexible when it comes to planning, but to give an example, we usually do a two-hour cocktail event with about 30 people. At the event, our founder William Negley and spokeswoman Sydney Mulder will speak for about 30 minutes followed by a question session. If you’re interested in hosting an event or would like to know more, please email Emily at emilyp@sound-off.com.

Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy That Honors & Empowers Veterans and Service Members

Why Your Gift Matters

Planned gifts are a way of leaving a meaningful legacy in support of a charitable organization that matters most to you. Sound Off exists to support our Veterans’ and Service Members’ mental health.

Thanks to the generosity of the public, we connect our heroes with free, anonymous mental health support via professional therapists and/or trained peers. Planned gifts help ensure this vital program can continue to exist, not only for this generation, but also for generations to come.

Sound Off recommends consulting with an attorney, financial planner, or other licensed professional when considering or making changes to your planned giving arrangements. This information does not constitute legal, tax, or financial advice.


Plan Your Gift

If you would like to name Sound Off as a beneficiary in your planned gifts, please use the following information in your documents:

Sound Off
4040 Broadway, Suite 501
San Antonio, TX 78201
Tax ID: 46-4875047

If you are the executor, trustee, or personal representative currently responsible for administering a decedent’s planned gifts in which Sound Off has been named, please forward documents and communications to:

Sound Off
ATTN: Legal Department
4040 Broadway, Suite 501
San Antonio, TX 78201
Tax ID: 46-4875047

Sound Off recommends consulting with an attorney, financial planner, or other licensed professional when considering or making changes to your planned giving arrangements. If you or your advisor have any questions or would like us to provide information or language specific to your bequest goals and interests, please contact our planned giving team:

Phone: 800.227.4460
Email: giving@sound-off.com

When You Give

A gift to support Sound Off as part of your planned giving arrangements is deserving of recognition and thanks. When you include Sound Off, you become a lifelong member of the Legacy Society.

As a member of the Legacy Society, you’ll receive:

    know of your support of Veterans’ and Service
    Members’ mental health
    your permission; you may give anonymously if
    you prefer)

If you have already included Sound Off in your planned giving arrangements, please let us know so we may invite you to join this exclusive group.

Sound Off recommends consulting with an attorney, financial planner, or other licensed professional when considering or making changes to your planned giving arrangements. This information does not constitute legal, tax, or financial advice.


How to Give

A will expresses your wishes as to how your property is to be distributed after your lifetime. Through a written will, you name one or more persons, usually an executor or personal representative, to manage your estate until its final distribution. This is a very popular way of giving gifts to charity — a gift you can arrange now to create a legacy.

Through a Trust
Through a trust, your assets are managed so they may extend into and well beyond your living years. You specify through the trust what assets are to be included, who is to manage and decide matters, who will benefit, and when and how long the benefits will be received. There are different types of trusts based on your desires and needs. The benefits of a charitable trust include letting you donate generously to the charities of your choice during and after your lifetime, while also receiving and providing significant tax savings for you and your beneficiaries.

Through a Beneficiary Designation
A beneficiary designation allows you to identify who receives ownership of certain assets after your lifetime. Beneficiary designations are common with certain types of assets, such as retirement accounts, bank accounts, life insurance policies, and stock and investment securities.

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