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What We Do

Every day, one veteran commits suicide nearly every hour, while at least 15% of returning vets suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. Many vets wait months for mental health care, especially with the VA managing a backlog of more than 900,000 unprocessed medical claims.

If you are one of the thousands of veterans affected by Post Traumatic Stress, or other mental health issues, you are not alone, and we are here to help you get the support you seek.

Sound Off provides veterans with a support system you can trust, by establishing ongoing, anonymous relationships with mental health specialists.

We seek to provide anonymous access to a stable of certified mental health specialists via mobile application, or standard internet connection.

You will be able to:

  • Connect with certified mental health specialists anonymously by phone, online or via a mobile app.
  • Maintain repeat contact with specific providers.
  • Speak with one of a body of screened and trained veterans, called “Battle Buddies,” via the same interface.

How it works:

  • Sound Off will develop a cadre of therapists and Battle Buddies organically and through partnerships with other organizations.
  • A PIN-based system allows vets and providers to connect anonymously.
  • By pairing vets and therapists in geographic proximity to each other, the decision can be made to transition to in-person meetings should the veteran wish.

Why we do it:

By providing anonymous and immediate access to repeat-treatment, Sound Off directly addresses the issues preventing proper treatment of vets.

Who We Are

Our mission is to help military veterans access the mental health services and support they need, with anonymity, consistency, and quality.

Our leadership includes professionals passionate about getting veterans the help they need. We have years of experience from war zones, the VA, diplomacy, national security, politics and technology.

The problem plaguing veterans’ mental health support is clear; we’re determined to solve it.


Supporting our veterans’ critical needs requires great ideas, dedicated people, and ample resources. Sound Off makes a difference in the lives of veterans every day, but we can’t do it alone – our vets and therapists are essential to serving our mission.


If you’re a therapist willing to volunteer your time to counsel veterans, please click here to register.


If you’re a veteran willing to serve as a peer support through the Battle Buddies program, please click here to register.

IT Providers

If you are an IT company ready to provide technical expertise and support, please email us at

Financial Support

As a 501C3 nonprofit, we also need your help gathering the resources for servers, app development, outreach efforts and other costs.  These are all practical needs toward a program designed by and for military veterans, and we ensure all donated resources are used directly for veteran support.  Click here to explore ways to donate.

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On this Memory Day, we would like to take a moment and remember the brave women and men who have served our great nation. We remember your courage and are thankful for your bravery. - Team Sound Off ...

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The mission at #SOUNDOFF is to directly address the issues preventing proper treatment of vets. One common problem is that often times veterans feel a stigma associated with asking for help. We knock that out by providing anonymous, repeat-treatment for the best possible support.