Anonymous Mental Health Support

for Veterans, Service Members, and Intelligence Community Officers

Learn More About Accessing Sound Off

To access Sound Off services, you do not need to ever provide any personal information apart from the state you live in (which we need due to clinician licensing requirements).

You won’t be asked for your email, your phone number, and we have absolutely no way to know who you are or identify any personal information.


Calls are conducted via voip technology and messages are end-to-end encrypted meaning — no phone number required. You can read clinician’s backgrounds, see their certifications, their veteran status, and choose the right fit for yourself.

In addition to a clinician, or in place of, you can access peer support if you’re interested to talking to a veteran. And it’s all done via the app with complete anonymity.

Learn More about Accessing Sound Off


Step 1

Use your camera app to scan the below QR code or go to the app store and download the app.

Step 2

Select the “I am a Veteran or Service Member”

Step 3

Create a password for yourself.

Step 4

You will then be provided with a username which protects your anonymity.

Step 5

From a list, select a clinician or peer and make use of the app however long you’d like to.

Your Choice

Sound Off offers you the ability to talk to a clinician – or your peers who have stood where you have stood – completely free and with complete anonymity. We’ll be here when you’re ready to check us out!

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