Michael Moreno

Chairman of the Board

Michael Moreno is an international business professional with a BA from Pitzer College and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University. He worked as a civilian within and alongside military units for the majority of his overseas career. Moreno began with a 26-month tour in Iraq, where he served as a national security advisor to the Iraqi Government. Following graduate school, he managed a program at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center that taught counterterrorism at the FBI Academy. He completed several more overseas tours in the Middle East before leaving government to co-found a defense consultancy in Dubai. He then co-founded Volt.ae, a startup accelerating Electric Vehicle adoption in the Middle East. While still running Volt, Moreno now leads innovation and partnership efforts for Evoteq, a Dubai-based tech firm. Independently, Moreno advises companies on Middle East market-entry, as well as foreign companies investing in American tech.